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Mar 23, 2016

On-the-Go Essentials for Busy Moms + Babies

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With three boys in three completely different stages, our life is basically made up of running from one place to the next. Chauffeuring children back and forth across the county to school, practices and games, summer camp, friends houses, the pool...the list goes on and on. For our older boys, who are 13 and 7 now, we are able to get by with the bare minimum. The only necessities consist of two epinephrine auto-injectors, asthma inhalers, and some allergy-friendly snacks. 

Now that we're back at square one with a new baby, our list of must-haves has grown tremendously. (Speaking of growing, my sweet little boy is already six months old. How did that happen?!) Really though, with this being our third go-round, I have discovered over time what items I really need to have at any given moment as well as those I am able to live without. 

I remember clearly when Mason was a newborn over seven years ago and I had a diaper bag stuffed to the brim with anything and everything I could possibly need for him. Of course, we have a diaper bag for Dawson now that goes along with him to daycare and such, but I find that I use it more for transporting bottles, bags of breast milk, and a couple of sets of clothes. On days when he isn't going to daycare, I sometimes find myself wondering why on earth I am carrying around this bag that is nearly empty. 

Because of this dilemma, I decided to create a sort of "emergency" car kit to keep the essentials close by no matter where we are headed. My kit must include anything I need to have handy for the baby, for big brothers, and even a few things for myself. To begin stocking my kit, I headed to Walmart to pick up a few items I knew I had to have. 

Huggies® Little Snugglers Diapers and Huggies® Natural Care Wipes were the first items on my list. For starters, I can get a Jumbo Pack of diapers at the low price of $8.96 and a tub of wipes for only $2.37! In addition to the fantastic price, they are a great solution for our needs because they are easy on my little guy's super sensitive skin. 

Walmart has a big selection of Huggies® products to fit your needs and all at great low prices. Huggies® Little Snugglers Diapers (the newborns through size 2) are designed with a GentleAbsorb* Liner. The soft, tiny pillows are a cushiony layer of protection to keep baby's clean and healthy. Although my baby is not so tiny any more, when he was itty bitty some of my favorite features were the Wetness Indicator (nb-size 3) letting you know when baby needs to be changed, and the Umbilical Cord Cut-out (nb and preemie sizes only), which are perfectly shaped to protect those healing newborn belly buttons. 

Huggies® Natural Care Wipes are super soft on that new baby skin, plus have TripleClean* Layers making them thick enough to handle all the messes. For added convenience, you can even purchase Huggies Diapers and Wipes from Walmart online!

Ready to prepare your own car kit? Read on for how I made mine:

On-the-Go Essential Car Kit for Busy Moms + Babies

Steps to get started:
  1. Make a list of necessities to be included in the kit. Include any items you may need for bigger siblings too. Also consider items that can safely be stored in your vehicle no matter the temperature outside. We all know how hot the interior of a car can get during the summer and you won't want to have to replace anything because it melted all over!
  2. Decide which items you already have at home that aren't being used every day and can go in the kit. Having to remove items from the kit to use at home defeats the purpose. Plus, if you're like me at all you won't remember to put the item back in your car kit and then won't have it when you really need it!
  3. Find a bag that is big enough to hold all of the essentials but won't take up a lot of space. I had a bag with tons of pockets on the outside as well as one big inside pocket so I can organize all of our items and know exactly where everything is. I didn't want to have to mess with a zipper or buttons, as I can imagine I'll be grabbing for this bag when my hands are already full. Another consideration for my bag? I drive a smallish SUV with a big baby car seat, booster seat, long-legged teenager, and stroller crammed into it so I need something that won't take up much of that prime real estate. 
  4. Head to Walmart to pick up the essentials you need to create your car kit!

My Essentials:

For baby:
  • Huggies® Little Snugglers Diapers - I include 4-6 diapers in my kit and then restock as I use them.
  • Huggies® Natural Care Wipes - the whole darn tub...they're good for cleaning up big kid messes too!
  • diaper rash ointment - a travel size tube is plenty.
  • organic baby food pouch - I keep a pouch or two of a veggie/fruit blend in case we decide to grab a bite so baby can be included easily in meals.
  • change of clothes inside a zip-top plastic bag -  this keeps the clothes together and easy to grab, plus you can put dirty or wet clothes back in the plastic bag to contain any messes!
  • baby swaddle blanket - my baby is too big to swaddle, but I like having a lightweight blanket handy for naps or even to use for clean up when needed.

For big brothers:
  • water bottle - we can usually find a water fountain and I prefer reusable instead of having to replace plastic bottles.
  • allergy-friendly snack bars - because there is always food around and this way we'll know we have something safe just in case. 
*Our epinephrine auto-injectors and asthma inhalers are necessities that go with us everywhere but they cannot be safely stored in the vehicle. 

For mom:
  • t-shirt in a neutral color - because baby spit-up.
  • water bottle - moms get thirsty too. 
  • allergy-friendly protein bars - I don't want to have to worry about hand-washing if we're out and about so what I eat must be safe for the whole family.
  • other "mom stuff" - personal hygiene products that you might need in a pinch are always important!

First Aid and other necessities:
  • sunscreen - a must because we're usually headed to ball games, the pool, the park, etc. 
  • bug spray - for boys who think they need to roll around in the grass. 
  • bug bands - because I don't like to spray my little one with bug spray and I can stick a band on his stroller or nearby to help keep the mosquitoes away.
  • hand sanitizer - because germs.
  • band-aids - my boys play rough and have the battle scars to prove it. 
  • antiseptic wash - you never know when you'll need to wash out cuts and scrapes with these guys.
  • antibacterial wipes - for wiping down surfaces for safe snacking, etc. 
  • instant cool pack - see two previous notes. 
  • small pair of scissors - because for some reason I always find myself needing scissors! 
  • a blanket - perfect for picnics, cold soccer games, laying baby down to stretch out, etc. I use a large, thick blanket that is made of sweatshirt material. It folds up neatly and fits right in the bag.
What essentials do you keep handy? Comment below!


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