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Feb 1, 2016

Double Chocolate Cookie Cups {dairy + gluten free}

What is it about the month of February and Valentine's Day that always seems to sneak up on me? Maybe it's the too short break after all of the holidays before that gives me just enough time to pause and take a breath, then suddenly Valentine's Day is here. We don't make a very big deal about V-day around here. I always pick up a stuffed animal and maybe some (safe) chocolate for the boys, but besides the celebrating at school it flies by fairly quickly. 

Because of the chaos that is our life in February, I always like to come up with creative treat ideas. Due to our food restrictions, we cannot just head to the store and pick out festive sugar cookies or other fun, pre-made treats. Coming up with something I can easily throw together is part of the fun! That is where these Double Chocolate Cookie Cups came from.  

Double Chocolate Cookie Cups {dairy + gluten free} from Making it Milk-free

Wandering the aisles of my local grocery store on my lunch break one day (because yes, that is in fact my idea of fun "me time"), I found this Cake Mate Coffee House Icing in the baking aisle. It contains soy ingredients, but is dairy-free and there are a few delicious looking and sounding flavors, including this Creamy Coffee and a Mocha variety. Now, I believe this just contains coffee flavoring (not actual coffee and the caffeine that comes with it) and my seven-year old loved it. If you're making this dessert for kids for a school treat or something, you may want to go with a different flavor. Homemade, dairy-free buttercream is not difficult, but I wanted to try this as it looked like a fun and quick alternative. 

You could definitely make a from-scratch cookie recipe for this as well, but I used a box mix that is a go-to here at our house. While I love cooking, baking, and recipe-creation, sometimes I just like to have easy mixes on hand that I can throw together at the last minute and not stress about whether they'll turn out or not.

Double Chocolate Cookie Cups {dairy + gluten free}

  • 1 box double chocolate chip cookie mix (I like the versions from Aldi's LiveGfree line and Immaculate Baking Company's mix, but there are plenty of other varieties out there also)
  • 1 can frosting in your desired flavor
  • festive sprinkles in
Follow the directions on your boxed cookie mix to make the cookie batter. Spray a mini muffin pan with non-stick spray and scoop about 1 1/2 Tbsp of batter into each well. I like to use a medium-sized cookie scoop to do this step. Using the back of your scoop or a teaspoon, press down in the middle of each scoop to make a small well in the middle. This step should press the batter up the sides to create a cup shape.

Bake at the temperature indicated on your boxed mix. You may need to add a few extra minutes to the baking time since the cookie cups are thicker than an ordinary cookie. Mine baked for 18 minutes. Keep a close eye on the cookie cups to make sure they don't overbake and harden too much. 

Once baked through, remove the cookie cups from the oven and allow them to cool completely. When completely cooled, frost your cookie cups by filling the well with icing. Add sprinkles while icing is still wet. 

*The next time I make these, I'm going to fill the wells with a bit of raspberry jam and then top with the icing for a tart addition to these little sweets. 

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