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Nov 9, 2014

Sometimes You Even Surprise Yourself (Guest Post)

Today's post is from fellow food allergy mama, Kathy, from Food Allergy Jams. Kathy's mission is to create a CD collection of songs to teach young children about food allergies and to help kids with food allergies explain their needs to others. Her Kickstarter campaign is gaining momentum and the support of the food allergy community as backers can help boost her dream to a reality! Here is a peek inside her journey:

Sometimes You Even Surprise Yourself

Months of songwriting, weeks of planning, days and days of Kickstarter but something seems to be missing, right? I’ve poured my time and my heart into this Kickstarter campaign, but I realize I can’t expect you to catch an excitement for this project if you don’t KNOW Food Allergy Jams like I do. You need to hear a song.

Why have I waited so long to share one with you? There are several reasons…

What if people equate the success of the whole CD with this ONE SONG? If I pick the wrong one to preview, they might not love it and decide the project isn’t worth backing.

I’m not a professional singer. I don’t have a recording studio. I can’t play guitar. (That’s what I am trying to raise the money for- to make a high quality recording with professionals who do this all the time.)

I’m busy just trying to keep up with the campaign, networking within the food allergy community, trying to get my foot in the door at big companies that could take this project to the next level let alone juggle all the wonderful hats of a stay at home mom.

Well, after encouragement from my sweet husband and the kindness of a friend who does know something about playing guitar, I am excited to share a preview of Food Allergy Jams with you! This isn’t what you would hear on the CD, but it does help give you an idea of what our CD would be like and will help you imagine the music that can be possible with your support.

I was nervous about meeting with Arielle (talented singer and guitar player) and sharing my music with her because I didn’t know if we would be able to figure it out or if I would like the end product. As soon as she started to strum on that guitar, I could feel the stress of Kickstarter melt, and I nearly cried at how her interpretation of my song surprised me. She took my words and my tune and put it to music I had not imagined, but it fit and I love it! What I thought would be an upbeat, bouncy song she turned into a sweet heartfelt ballad for the many children living with food allergies.

I hope you enjoy this taste of what Food Allergy Jams could be and that you find encouragement in the words of my heart. This preview song will be paired with a music video you won’t want to miss! Check out the Food Allergy Jams blog tomorrow to hear our preview song.

Follow Food Allergy Jams on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for the latest updates. Check out our Kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/508784083/food-allergy-jams-music-cd-for-kids. Check out our rewards and consider becoming a backer today!
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