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Nov 20, 2014

A Thanksgiving Feast

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I read a quote the other day from another food blogger that said, "You know food bloggers...we eat a couple of Thanksgiving dinners before the actual day." Isn't that the truth? We are busy planning our menus a couple of months in advance in order to test recipes again and again to make sure they are just perfect before sharing them with you, our faithful readers.
I'll have to say, I don't think my family has been disappointed with their requirement of taste-testing recipes for me! The turkey, the fantastically flavorful side dishes, and the piece de resistance...the pumpkin pie (!) have all been huge hits here.

I love not only the delicious food that represents all things Thanksgiving, but also the mouthwatering smells and eye-popping colors of this festive holiday. I love the crisp, fall temperatures and the crunch of the leaves, the spicy scents and sounds of laughter, spending the day with family. 

Our family regularly gets together around Thanksgiving and food is always the center of the event, as is typically expected. We have an array of diet restrictions in our family and I am thankful for the fact that our family is really understanding of this fact. Of course, there are always several items that are not safe for all, but many of us bring food for ourselves and/or our children with food allergies, and sometimes even enough to share with others. We usually end up with a "safe food" table where we can be sure that food isn't shared and cross-contamination is not a worry. 

I was able to make all of our safe side dishes ahead of time and freeze small portions in order to pack them to take along with us. This way, all I have to do is reheat them and add a few fresh dishes, like the turkey! Although I have already had the opportunity to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast (on our anniversary no less), I am still looking forward to enjoying them again! 

Our Thanksgiving Feast this year includes:

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