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Oct 28, 2014

Orange Creamsicle Floats {dairy free}

Since Halloween is one of my favorite holidays/events of the year, I am always looking for fun snacks to make and crafts to create to commemorate the season. Thanks to Fanta and Dasani, we were able to create delicious and festive Halloween snacks and a super fun kids craft project!

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My Orange Creamsicle Floats are a perfect treat for a Halloween party or group of any size. It can be made individually in glasses or in a big bowl to be served like punch. Fanta Orange is one of those special treats that my little one loves. It is caffeine free and made with 100% natural flavors. We do not keep soda in our house very often, so times like this are a super special treat for the kids. 

As I began brainstorming fun Halloween snacks, I realized that Mason has never had a soda float. I have memories of making floats on occasion with my parents and siblings. Sometimes they were root beer floats and sometimes we used grape soda to make what my mom called "Purple Cows." I have always been a HUGE fan of orange-creamsicle-anything, so I immediately knew that Fanta Orange was perfect.

#fanta #halloween #snacks #creamsicle #floats

I picked up a pint of our favorite dairy-free vanilla ice cream. These cute glasses and festive straws were the best addition to our floats. All we had to do was add a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream to our glasses, then top them off with Fanta Orange (gradually so the fizz doesn't overflow!). Set around some brightly colored plastic spiders to add to your decor. These floats are a great #SpookySnacks item for any Halloween gathering or just a fun treat for the kids! 

#fanta #halloween #snacks #creamsicle

Mason gets pretty excited any time I make a special treat for him, but I loved seeing his eyes light up when he saw his float! He asked what it was and then dove right in. Now, I've created a monster because he keeps asking me if he can have more! 

#fanta #orange #halloween #snacks

I picked up a 2-liter bottle of Fanta Orange at Walmart and, thanks to #CollectiveBias, I found the new, 12-ounce bottles of Dasani water too! As you can see below, the shelf was nearly empty. They must be a popular item. Can't say I'm surprised! 

#shop #halloween #fanta #dasani #walmart

 Did you know that all Dasani bottles are made from plant resin and are designed in a special shape that keeps them from falling over in the refrigerator? So they are good for the environment AND sturdy, unlike most 'green' plastic water bottles. I love the cute little bottles too. I always seem to find water bottles that are about one-third full of warm water sitting around here. I don't like wasting anything, but bacteria can grow inside of them, so we end up dumping them out. This new size is perfect for us. They'll also be super convenient to take along with us when we go Trick or Treating!

#halloweensnacks #dasani #fanta

We decided a fun, festive craft project was on the to-do list yesterday. After drinking a few of the Dasani water bottles, I knew exactly what to do with them! Instead of recycling as usual, keep your empty water bottles and let the kids create these fun DIY Candy Corn Lanterns! 

#halloween #dasani #candycorn #lanterns #diy

What you will need:

  • Empty Dasani 12-ounce water bottles (any number)
  • Battery powered tea lights (one per bottle; found in the Halloween decor section at Walmart)
  • Craft paint; we used orange, yellow and white for candy corn
  • Foam brushes or paint brushes (one per color)
  • Razor blade and/or scissors

#halloween #diy #dasani

Parents: Start by removing the wrapper, lid, and plastic ring from the bottles. I used wire cutters to get the rings off as my scissors didn't work too well. Using a razor blade or scissors, very carefully cut around the bottom of each bottle. I cut along the bottom indention in order to get a straight line. The bottom of each bottle is like a cup that works perfectly for holding your paint colors.

#dasaniwater #halloween #crafts #diy

Hold the bottles and allow the kids to paint each bottle with the foam paint brushes. (I used a black marker to mark off each section of our candy corn. Not sure I'd recommend this since you can see the lines later.) Apply the paint in thin coats. If the paint is applied too thick, they won't "glow" quite as well.

#halloween #diy #dasaniwater #painting

Allow each paint color to dry before beginning the next color so that your colors don't mix. Once all of the bottles have been painted completely, allow them to sit upright until they are completely dry. If you have leftover paint, it works great to paint pumpkins! Plus it's another fun activity to keep the kids busy until your bottles are dry and it gets dark enough to light them up!

#dasaniwater #halloween #diy #crafts

Once the paint is dry, turn on each battery-powered tea light (DO NOT use real candle tea lights!). Set each bottle on top of the lights so that they fit just inside the cut-out on the bottom. Enjoy your cute little Candy Corn Lanterns! 
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