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Oct 18, 2013

Product Review :: Enjoy Life Chewy Bars

Last month at our local Walk for Food Allergy, I stumbled upon some samples of these Enjoy Life Chewy Bars. We happen to be lovers of all things Enjoy Life. Much to my surprise, we had never tried these bars!

Let me tell you...the Caramel Apple flavor is to die for. I think all of our samples had been devoured by the morning after the walk. Since then, every time I've made my grocery shopping list for the week, both boys are right there, asking... "Can we please, please get more Enjoy Life Bars??"

In planning for Halloween, I was contacted by the mom of another child in my little one's daycare. She was aware of his milk allergy and wanted to prepare treats that were safe in order to include him. I LOVE that!

Admittedly though, I always have reservations when someone offers such. From experience, I know that someone can go out of their way to bring something "safe" and still make mistakes. I knew that this mom had experience with milk avoidance as her daughter has had issues with milk as well. I decided it would be the best decision (for Mason and myself) to calm my nerves and discuss ideas to see if we could make it work. 

She decided to bring the Enjoy Life caramel apple bars to the class Halloween party and found them at our local Natural Grocers! Not only did all of the kids love them, it was so refreshing to know that they were provided with a healthier, all natural, allergy-friendly treat instead of sugar-laden, artificially-colored, and potentially harmful snacks. (We all know they'll be in sugar comas after trick-or-treating anyway!) 

Imagine their excitement when this arrived on our doorstep last week!

Our oldest, who LOVES anything with SunButter, had to flip a coin to decide between the SunButter Crunch and Cocoa Loco (which looks and tastes a lot like a brownie, by the way). 

You may be able to tell from my previous posts that I am a big fan of all-natural, allergy-friendly, gluten-free goodies that I can just throw in my bag for a quick snack on the go. I absolutely love that Enjoy Life gives us so many great options. We can mix it up and never get bored with such a great variety!

Want to try Enjoy Life Chewy Bars for yourself? Get 10% off on your first order of Chewy Bars ordered from the Enjoy Life online store by entering code CHEWY10 at checkout.

Brand disclaimer: I did not receive any financial compensation for this post. I did however receive a sample product to review in exchange for my true and honest opinion, as stated above. 
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