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Jul 4, 2013

Product Review :: Salba Chia Seeds

Have I ever mentioned my love of chia seeds on here? Yes, that chia. (Just the word makes you start to sing the catchy tune, right?! Ch-ch-ch-chia!) You're probably thinking, "What on earth would you do with chia seeds, besides grow furry little plants?" Why, eat them, of course!

What exactly is chia, you ask? Well, according to WebMd.com, "Chia is an edible seed that comes from the desert plant Salvia hispanica, grown in Mexico dating back to Mayan and Aztec cultures. 'Chia' means strength, and folklore has it that these cultures used the tiny black and white seeds as an energy booster."

More energy? Who wouldn't go for that?!

The problem I've run into with many brands of chia seeds is that silly little "May contain traces of..." or "Manufactured in a facility that produces blah blah blah..." If you deal with food allergies, then I'm sure you know (and loathe) those statements as much as I do.

One day I just happened to stumble across a brand I hadn't seen before. And guess what!?! NO "may contain" or "manufactured with" statements. Hallelujah! (I know, I'm a dork. I get excited over the most mundane things...)

Salba Chia Seeds pride themselves on being "Smarter than your average chia." Well, I'd have to say I agree with that statement because of what I just mentioned above. Gotta love a company with safe manufacturing processes and lack of cross-contamination with our allergens!

So, there's still the question if why on earth we would want to consume such a thing, right? Well, here are just a few facts about the nutritional benefits of the powerhouse that is this tiny little seed directly from Salba:

Here are a couple of fun facts because I'm a sucker for useless trivia:

It is believed that Aztec warriors and runners sustained themselves for an entire day on just a tablespoon of chia. They also recognized it as a "superfood" and prized it so high that it was often used as currency. Pretty cool if you ask me.

The great thing I find about using chia seeds in my recipes is that they don't really have any flavor of their own, so they are easily disguised in recipes. The best thing about Salba chia seeds is that they are light in color, compared to most other brands that are darker in color, making them even less noticeable.

These seeds can be used in a variety of foods, from smoothies, to baked goods, even sprinkled on salads!

Salba chia seeds come in whole or ground. The ground seeds are perfect for adding nutritional value to baked items without changing the texture or flavor! They even have Chia Boost single serve packs, making it super convenient when you're on the go.

Want a super easy, healthy dessert? Mix one 8-ounce box of So Delicious Chocolate Coconut Milk and 3 Tbsp of Salba chia seeds in a jar, shake and refrigerate overnight. Chia seeds absorb enormous amounts of liquid and become a gel-like substance, making them the texture of pudding!
I also like to add a couple of tablespoons of Salba's ground chia to my Easy Homemade Waffle mix.

I was lucky enough to receive a prize pack directly from Salba (as seen in the photo above). Want to tryout these little beauties without the cost?! Head on over to Facebook and "like" the Salba Smart Facebook page, then enter below!

Brand disclaimer: I did not receive any financial compensation for this post. I did however receive a sample product to review in exchange for my true and honest opinion, as stated above.

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